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Three-star rural cottage

located in the heights of western Reunion Island

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Relaxation & Escape

in a relaxing tropical environment

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spacious rooms

and comfort worthy of the best hotels

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Nice decoration

and impeccable cleanliness

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Suitable for exchange

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Equipped kitchen

with everything you’ll need

Trois étoiles

Kaz Koz-Kozé has been labeled

Quality Tourism Reunion Island

since April 2017.

Kaz Koz-Kozé has been labeled

Quality Tourism Reunion Island

since April 2017.

Kaz Koz-Kozé is labeled

Qualité Tourisme Île de La Réunion

since April 2017.

Intimate tropical atmosphere at Kaz Koz-Kozé …

“The house where we chat” where the hammocks are swaying alongside the banana trees, coffee, kaffir lime and other passion fruit, or under the brightly colored veranda.

Cottage of 1044 ft², adjoining the owners (but very independent), including a garden with flowers and trees (palm, bougainvillea, creepers of passion fruit …), a veranda of 430 ft² with dining area, lounge area and rest area, 3 double bedrooms, including 2 attic upstairs, decorated by themes (Volcano, Forest of Colors, Indian Ocean), one with shower and toilet, a bathroom planted with a wall of orchids with shower Italian style, a toilet, a living room (with TV), a mezzanine with reading area and games, and a fully equipped kitchen. A spa and a massage table are at your disposal.

Located at Ermitage les Hauts, 6 km from the lagoon and its beach and 400m above sea level, La Kaz Koz-Kozé enjoys the sunshine of Western Reunion at an altitude ideal to escape the heat of the coastline of the austral summer and the winter chill of July-August. Here, no need for air conditioners or heating.


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To visit from the Kaz Koz-Kozé …

Within a radius of 2 to 6 km

you will find:

  • All essential services: supermarket, restaurants, doctors, pharmacies, bakeries.
  • A very modern pool at Belle Vue.
  • The Musée de Villèle and the chapelle Pointue, the historical site of Madame Desbassyns’ property, depicting the history of slavery.
  • The museum’s nursery: besides the sale of horticultural productions, his visit is a moment of relaxation among the tropical flowers.
  • The “La Part des Anges” distillery in La Saline (very interesting guided tour, sale of brandies based on tropical fruits).
  • The golf Bassin Bleu, where you can play golf course, but also have a drink at sunset: the panoramic view is breathtaking on the west coast.
  • The Chapel “La Misère”, renowned temple of indignation.
  • Small hikes/walks like “Le Moulin Kader” or go down to the sea by sugar cane fields.
  • An interchange on the road Tamarins (expressway, 2km) to access north to St Paul, St Denis, Salazie, St Benoit, south to St Leu, St Pierre, Cilaos and the Volcano.
  • The Garden of Eden, lush botanical garden near the coast.
  • Start of the Maïdo road (2 km), which, in 45 minutes by car, will lead you to the magnificent view of the Mafate cirque and from hiking trails (Grand Bénare, Mafate, Ilet Alcide, La Glacière ).
  • The Sunday morning market at Ermitage les Bains: fruits, vegetables and crafts.
Of course the lagoon and its beaches (6 km, St Gilles les Bains, Ermitage les Bains, La Saline les Bains). To note, among other activities to do: the aquatic hike organized by the Marine Reserve, with palms masks and snorkel, the Aquarium, as well as all seaside activities.

Between 15 and 20 km


  • Saint Paul, its bay and its beach of black sand *, named “the bay of the best anchorage” by the first arrivals in 1663. The Waterfront, its jetty, its “Hôtel de Laçay” which was carpeted in 2013 with giant photos of Reunion Island during the commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the island’s settlement, symbolizing the diversity of today’s Reunionese society. Large beachfront market on Friday all day and Saturday morning.
  • The Rivière des Galets: entrance to the circus of Mafate. A track of 12 km allowed only tax 4X4 leads you to the start of the trails. We will give you their phone numbers for reservations.
  • Le Port, city and port, economic hub of the island, modern city built on a stony delta of the products of the erosion of the circus of Mafate.
  • Short hike (45 mn to 1h30) at Cap Noir, in the upper Dos d’Ane: exceptional view (and different from that of Maïdo) on the circus of Mafate.


  • Saint Leu, its small lagoon, its rondavelles (beach bistros and their musicians Sunday evening) and especially surfing (hot global spot), paragliding (departures at 800 or 1600 m altitude and landing on the beach). Do not miss Kelonia, center for the study and rescue of sea turtles, the museum Stella Matutina, museum of sugar cane and the Botanical Garden of Mascarin with its National Conservatory.
  • The Hubert de Lisle road: this balcony road located at an altitude of approximately 800 m crosses all the West Heights. Sinuous and picturesque, it offers dazzling views and a crossing of Reunion Rural, since in Reunion, the countryside, it is in the Hauts (the cities surround the coast of the island). You will meet traditional lifestyles, between market gardening, cattle breeding and pastures.

Further … to the day

  • St-Pierre, its marina with dock, its beach, its indie temples, its nightlife (piano bars), its big Saturday market.
  • The tour of the island is about 250 km, it can be a big day trip, because many sites are not to be missed!
  • The Great South and its volcanic flows, return by “The Plains” (Cafres and Palmistes).
  • The City of the Volcano in Bourg Murat (Plaine des Cafres).
And finally, leave La Kaz Koz-Kozé for one or more nights … and come back to rest there, of course.

And go on foot, on the trails, to discover the jewels of Reunion, namely the landscapes of our “Pitons, Cirques and Ramparts” classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
You will enjoy these moments better if you sleep one night in a lodge (we can give you good addresses), because it takes about 100 km and 1h45 / 2h by car from La Kaz Koz-Kozé to start walking on the trails of some great sites, such as the Volcano of La Fournaise, the circus of Cilaos, the circus of Salazie or the high Mafate. It is feasible to the day but the 2 times 2 hours of road (G / B) are quite tiring.

New access ramp
* (be careful, in Reunion, you do not bathe next to the black sand beaches, except at the Etang Salé in the marked space, because the waters are not protected by a coral reef / white sand ).

The objects of Kaz koz-kozé

Lovers of beautiful objects, Genevieve and André put at your disposal in the house furniture and objects that make sense to them: between the cabinet of the great grandmother, that of the grandmother, the watercolors of their friend Anne Henriet (, the art frames of their friend Sylvie Deboos (, volcanoes photos of local photographers (Jean-Patrice Caumes, Z’Arts Grafik de Bourbon, Serge Garnier , Patrick Chefson), recycled objects and beds made by André (whose craft is cabinetmaker), the visit of the house will be a colorful moment. You will understand why the respect of the objects that they propose to your use is guaranteed by a deposit.

The courtyard

The garden of Genevieve and Andrew, the “court”, or the “kour”, as the Creoles say …

Geneviève and André are naturalists, amateurs but passionate. Naturalists is a big word if it evokes the university degrees of the field “nature” that they do not have, but it is the right word if it qualifies a panel of values ​​related to the protection, the valuation and especially to the love of the nature of Reunion, values ​​that animate them and will have great pleasure to share with you.

Metropolitan, having made the choice to take root in the land of Réunion for 23 years, Geneviève, recently retired, was an environmental technician at the Reunion National Park and a former mountain guide. André is an avid ornithologist and hiker. Together, they “root” also many plant species in their garden, favoring native species and endemic (existing only in Reunion) adapted to the climate of their living space.

They will be happy to show you their “courtyard” where indigenous and endemic as scented wood, damsel, red latanier and other benzoin or wood of the arnette, compete with exotic passion fruit, avocado, lemongrass or frangipani.

New access ramp
The courtyard, the garden, the veranda of Geneviève and André, it is also a space of expression for their friend storytellers, actors, musicians, singers or poets, a place of “kozman” (“causement”), of where the name of the cottage. Their anchorage in the land of Réunion is illustrated not only in the roots of trees they plant in their garden, but also in the provision of their court for different artistic expressions. Thus, it may happen that one evening during your stay, one of their storytellers comes “koz-kozer”, a way to approach the Creole culture of Reunion with his talk and his stories.

* varangue : veranda open to the garden, main living space in Reunion.

To be welcomed at “La Kaz koz-kozé” …

Geneviève and André, who themselves travel a little, would like to offer you what they are looking for elsewhere, namely moments, landscapes and exceptional encounters. For nothing is more inspiring in their eyes than to understand how nature and men have transformed a landscape that is visible, and to return from vacation having seized a parcel of the soul of a land, to feel rich of beautiful encounters, banal human, but exceptionally human.

Thank you for choosing to visit us by staying at La Kaz Koz-Kozé, where you will find kindness and simplicity. We hope so from you.

Welcome to our house !

Geneviève & André

Geneviève & André